Holy Thursday

18 April, 2019


Holy Thursday 2019

Holy Thursday, begins the Sacred Three Days by inviting us to remembrance, thanksgiving and to respond in service. 

On this first night of the Triduum, we stand before the most wondrous of gifts which we have received from God.

We are called to remember just as the Old Testament people were commanded to remember the Exodus event in their history by celebrating the Passover which they do to this very day. In God’s goodness he chose a people, delivered them from slavery and gave them the Promised Land. 

Our lives are also marked with encounters of God’s love for us as individuals and as a people of the new and everlasting covenant with in the blood of the Lamb. 

Jesus says: Do this in remembrance of Me. And so we remember how He loved us so much that He gave his very self for our freedom from sin and death itself.

In the Eucharist, Jesus give us his Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity under the appearance of bread and wine. We come in communion with the one who created us, who saves us and shares his very life with each one of us.

In the face of such great love, we are called to respond with gratitude in service to others.

The washing of the feet was not a new practice invented by Jesus. It was commonly practiced whenever a person entered the house. Typically, everyone washed their own feet. Wealthy people had slaves to do this task for them. What makes this gesture on the part of Jesus so profound that Jesus took on the role of a slave? These feet were probably the dirtiest stinky feet imaginable. Certainly not like the feet I am about to wash, I am sure they are spic and span for tonight. Jesus tells them not just in words but in action that He has come to serve and not to be served and he has come to give up his life for the many.

Jesus says, afterward, I have given you a model to follow, what I have done you also must do.

Let us ask to the grace to remember Jesus at the Last Supper two thousand years ago, to give thanks, and to serve our brothers and sisters as Jesus would serve them. Let us offer our service out of love for Jesus who gives us His body and blood in order to share his very life with us.