Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

10 February, 2019


We sometimes do not notice the relationship between the Old Testament reading and the Gospel. One compliments the other. The second reading from the Letters of the New Testament stands by itself very often.

The Gospel reading tells us a lot about perseverance that Jesus encouraged the disciples to practice in bringing the large amount of fish after a long night of catching nothing. With Jesus, all things are possible. They would ultimately go out into the whole world and catch men and women in order to bring them to faith in Christ. And here we are today living out the Apostolic faith that they have passed down to us from one generation to another. 

In our second reading, St. Paul tells the Corinthians that the resurrection of Jesus is the source of their salvation and that if they have lost their belief in it, then their faith is in vane and it is good for nothing. Without the resurrection of Jesus, everything collapses. 


He reminds them and us who are living so many centuries later, his preaching contains the belief that Jesus died for our sins and was buried and He was raised from dead. He is still alive and with us. Jesus showed himself to peter and five hundred others including St. Paul who came later and experience the Risen Lord on the way to Damascus. It was not that Jesus came back to life and took up his old life. Jesus lives a whole new life and it continues into our time in history and will go on and on for all eternity. What does this mean for us? We share in Jesus’ life right here and now by our Baptism. And we are guaranteed a life that will never end. 

If this life was all there is, what a horrible existence this would be. Many have lost their faith in the resurrection. They live as if this is the only life there is. Their philosophy is eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. This is not our path, we must keep our eyes on Jesus and the goal that lies ahead. The faith of apostles reminds us that there will be a judgment of each and every person and some will rise from the dead to live forever with God and some will rise and live in everlasting horror and pain. Let us ask for the grace to live in Christ and be able to say with St. Paul in another part of scripture: It is not I who live but it is Christ who lives in me. We must persevere in growing in our faith and warning others to look beyond this life to the life to come. Everything in this world has consequences that are eternal.